The Team

The application “Panorama of census data 1991-2011” was initially funded by the programme “Dynamic management of social databases and cartographic illustrations — SoDaMap of the Ministry of Education, which is materialized by EKKE in cooperation with the Institute for Information Systems of the Research Centre Athina, in the framework of the National-wide Action “Development Proposals of Research Entities – KRIPIS” of the Ministry of Education (National Strategic Reference Framework for 2007-2013).

The latest updated version of the application is funded by the program “REDI: Research, Training and Infrastructure: the triangulation of the axes for the strategic development of EKKE” implemented by EKKE and funded by the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, in the context of the “Strategic Action for the Development of Research and Technological Institutions”, NSRF 2014-2020.

Thomas Maloutas, Professor of Social Geography and Thematic Cartography, Department of Geography, Harokopio University (coordinator)

George Kandylis, PhD Political Science, Researcher ΕΚΚΕ (co-coordinator)

Mihalis Petrou, PhD Social Antropology, Researcher ΕΚΚΕ

Nicolas Souliotis, PhD Sociology, Researcher ΕΚΚΕ

Michael Bourmpos, Electrical and Computer Engineer, PhD candidate, University of Athens (coordinator of the programmers group)

Vassilis Papadopoulos, Programmer

Dimitris Tsopanakis, Programmer

Dimitris Economou, Programmer

Christos Chalkias, Associate Professor of Geographic Information Systems, Department of Geography, Harokopio University (coordinator of the cartography group)

Christoforos Vradis, Survey Engineer, MSc Geoinformatics

Antigone Faka, Geographer, PhD in Geography, Harokopio University

Stavros-Nikiforos Spyrellis, PhD Geography, Université Paris-7

George Chalkias, Architect, MSc Geoinformatics

Cleomenis Kalogeropoulos, Survey Engineer, MSc Geoinformatics, PhD candidate, Harokopio University

George Papastefanatos, Research Associate, Athena Research and Innovation Center

A group of ELSTAT employees participate in the project’s tasks, monitor the evolution of the project and contribute actively to shaping the final product.

The current project continues the effort undertaken in 2002 by another EKKE team with much less human and financial resources. The database part of that initial project was funded by the Ministry of Development –EPAN program (competitiveness)– while the development of the mapping application was funded by the Ministry of Education through a project of the University of Thessaly – program PYTHAGORAS II. Hannibal Economou was the developer of the first database application, while Stavros Sirigos, PhD candidate at the University of Thessaly, developed the first mapping application (Cartotheque). The contribution of Ioanna Maravelaki, Head of Informatics Division of ELSTAT at the time, was decisive for the implementation of the project.