Panorama of Census Data 1991-2011

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) announce the launching of the application “Panorama of Census Data 1991-2011”.

The “Panorama of Census Data 1991-2011” is the result of a long-running cooperation between ELSTAT and EKKE, which is enshrined in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parties in 2012. To view the Memorandum please click here.

The Panorama of Census Data 1991-2011 is a web application, which provides direct and dynamic access to Population and Housing Census data of the years 2011 as well as 1991 and 2001. The dynamic nature of access refers to the possibility offered to users to select any combination of variables they want from the relevant Censuses.

Furthermore, users are offered the possibility to map census data at various geographical levels, ranging from the Greece’s thirteen Regions (NUTS2) to the level of Municipal/Local Communes (more than 6,000 spatial units).

In addition, the application provides access to data and enables mapping within all Greek cities of more than 50,000 inhabitants, and at the level of Urban Spatial Analysis Units (USAU). These units are constituted either by a single Census Section or by more than one adjacent Census Sections, comprising approximately 1,000 inhabitants.

The rationale of this application, as regards the search in the database, is based on: a) selecting, at a first stage, the population the user is interested in (e.g., women aged 40 years and over, having completed tertiary education), and b) extracting tables for the selected population group on the basis of any two variables that the user wants (e.g., profession and branch of employment).

The cartographic part of the application allows for the mapping of variables already incorporated therein. In the near future, the application will also give the possibility to directly map the result of the database search, if of course the search by the user encompasses a geographical reference.

The application will be systematically upgraded during the next months with the inclusion of new variables and procedures, thus offering new possibilities. Moreover, any problems that may arise in the course of the operation of the application will be addressed. The process of communicating with users is expected to be an important element in the effort to continuously improve the application according to their needs.

Users can access the application at the following link:

The limitation of access to data of the 2011 Population Census results from the obligation to observe the confidentiality rules governing the provision of statistical data in accordance with Law 3832/2010 of ELSTAT, as in force and European statistical standards. In compliance with the relevant rules, the application does not provide absolute figures, but intervals of values, when the spatial reference level is below the Region (NUTS 2) level.

More detailed data are available on ELSTAT’s website, at:

Users can also send an electronic data request through the website of ELSTAT, at:

Users can also contact: a) ELSTAT, Division of Population and Labour Market Statistics / Census and Population Section, Tel: +30 213 135 2911, for data from the census and b) the EKKE project team,, for issues concerning the application, such as provision of help, problem solving, comments, as well as suggestions and recommendations.

The application “Panorama of Census Data 1991-2011” was funded by the program “Dynamic management of social databases and cartographic illustrations — SoDaMap” of the Ministry of Education, which is materialized by EKKE in cooperation with the Institute for Information Systems of the Research Centre Athina, in the framework of the National-wide Action “Development Proposals of Research Entities – KRIPIS” of the Ministry of Education. The funding concerns amounts of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) for the period 2007-2013.

Piraeus,  31/07/2015