The application Panorama of Greek Census Data was developed by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) in collaboration with the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) following their cooperation memorandum related to the project “Dynamic Management of Social Data and Mapping Representation”, funded by the program KRIPIS of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology (NSRF 2007-13). Today, Panorama is being extended and updated in the context of the project “REDI – Research, Education, Infrastructre: the triangulation of EKKE strategic access”, funded by OP Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness, Innovation (NSRF 2014-2020).

The Panorama of Greek Census Data is developed to enable access, increase analysis potential and permit the easy and detailed mapping of data for the last three censuses (1991-2001-2011). All parties involved aim at satisfying the needs of the research community, but also to increase substantially the number of people who use census data in productive ways.